Our organic olive oil factory is adapted to receive all types of visits and enjoy the beautiful landscape on the volcano island of Lesvos ,in Plomari highlands , as well as oliveoil culture.WE share with our visitors the secrets of making and tasting the extra virgin olive oil. It is a highly educational and exciting experience.

The visit takes about 90 minutes (we can adapt according to the needs of the group). Furthermore our estate is “alive”, not just facilities open for tours, because we the producers of  “EIRINI PLOMARIOU” we have given our  heart ,love and passion to the old olive trees of Kolovi variety  and gave birth to the most prestigious olive oil brands in the market and with several international awards.Since then, every year, we have been trying transmit all the aroma, the flavour and the essence of the organic olive oil produced by olive groves EIRINI PLOMARIOU

This difficult, hard, extreme, with significant slopes olive groves which require performing manual, heavy work, produce an olive oil from mountain, very fruity, purgent and bitter gentle undoubtedly due to the less rainfall in the volcano  area.

All that flavour and all the added value of this traditional and ancient agriculture year after year, harvest after harvest, move to our consumers with the hope that these values and others such as organic farming are valued in perspective and become a enjoyment for the senses and safeguard health.

We present the different formats. Send us a mail at: info@irini.oliveoil.gr and we can tell you how to purchase our products. We wait for you


If you have a group of friends or family, schools ,passing through our olive oil factory and enjoy your tour and more… We also offer the possibility of buying our oils.


Our group programs are very attractive. We receive personalized and adapt to the times available.

  • Tour
  • Tasting different varieties of olive oils
  • Greek meze
  • Breakfast
  • That you can think about olive oil 
  •  We have a wide range of activities and programs prepared and we are also open to suggestions
Large table, set in traditional style and earthy colours in our facilities.

Olive oil tasting

Walking in the olive grove

Olive mill visit

Producer for a day


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Nikos & Mirta Kalampoka

Plomari Lesvos


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