Unfilttered and Flavorful


Unfiltered ! that you can taste and enjoy the distinctive aromas

Bright golden yellow in colour with green hues, a strong fruity taste and an earthy bouquet, with tones of freshly cut grass, oregano, rosemary and bitter almond.

After picking we have to groom the trees. The first thing to do is prune the tree and place organic traps to control olive fruit flies which destroy the olive.

Eirini Olive Oil


 We Kalabokas family from Plomari Mitilini Greece, produce and promote our own biological ilive oil, from 2008, with annual production more than 10 tons. With almost 10.000 mountainous olive roots, with the support of our big family, without any economical help from the government, we managed in e few years to win many international and native awards and prominences, among them Biol in Italy and MariosSolinas in Spain.

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