Unfilttered and Flavorful
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Wednesday, 26 June 2013 14:30


Unfiltered ! 
...so that you can taste and enjoy the distinctive aromas

Bright golden yellow in colour with green hues, a strong fruity taste and an earthy bouquet, with tones of freshly cut grass, oregano, rosemary and bitter almond.

After picking we have to groom the trees. The first thing to do is prune the tree and place organic traps to control olive fruit flies which destroy the olive.

Care for the trees is a year long affair. There are things to be done in winter, things to be done in spring, things to be done when the moon is waxing or when it is waning. These were things the old ones knew and that we in our family still observe.

Contrary to what happens in other organic farms, we welcome weeds and herbs in ours, since we believe that if they were not useful they wouldn't be it the plot in the first place. So, there is oregano growing among the olive trees and sage, thyme, savoury, St John's wort, wild artichoke and of course quince, fig and bitter almond trees, which attract beneficial insects that transfer scents to the olive fruit and combat fungi. It is a blessed symbiosis, which grants to the olive oil we produce a bouquet made of all the aromas found on the land.

To shield our olive oil's unique character, we bottle it unfiltered, so that you can taste and enjoy the distinctive smells

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