Our Family’s Interview On Alpha TV

On October 28, 2013, the central newscast of TV station Alpha hosted our family and we were interviewed by journalist Vicky Chantzi.

The interview of Vicky Chantzi:
The award winning family from Lesvos, two teachers and their four children .. !! Nick & Mirta Kalaboka practice what they teach daily to their pupils: "Take life in your own hands!" When the last school bell rings, school bags are left aside and they rush to their olive cultivations with their four children! Within six years, their biological olive oil from Plomari, has won 20 international awards and is exported to countries in Europe, Scandinavia, but also in Japan! They recently have been congratulated by the President of Greece Mr. Papoulias! See the video of the parents and children's statements on ALPHA..!

See the relevant extract from the main newscast of Alpha on 28/10/2013: